Community Engagement and Health Education

The Sequoia Foundation is commitment to engaging communities in dialogue and collaborative decision-making that builds community capacity, strengthens social networks, guides policy, protects health, and enhances research.  Sequoia's experience with participatory research, stakeholder involvement, media relations, health education, training, and public informatics strengthens all of the work we do with communities.  Our extensive work with Native American, Asian Pacific Island, Ugandan, Native Alaskan, African-American, and Hispanic communities have included a variety of study areas, from subsistence fishing, genetics, and pesticide exposure to health disparities.


  1. San Francisco Bay Seafood Consumption Study
  2. Develop Mid-trimester Screening Algorithms for Early Onset Preeclampsia
  3. Phytoestrogen and Time to Pregnancy
  4. Tobacco Exposure in Pregnant Women in Minority Populations
  5. Reduce Exposure to Unhealthy Air in the Imperial Valley, California near the U.S.-Mexico Border
  6. Neuro-Developmental Disabilities Screening and Assessment in Uganda
  7. Genome-Wide Association Study of Childhood Leukemia by Hispanic Status
  8. Characterization of CFTR Mutations Among Non-White CF Patients
  9. Building Capacity for Health Impact Assessment at State and Territorial Health Agencies
  10. Perinatal Exposure to Airborne Pollutants and Associations with Autism Phenotype
  11. Designing a Next Generation Science Standards Ready Air Quality Science High School Curriculum (Phase I and II)
  12. Social and Climate Change Migration Policy: Government of Tuvalu (South Pacific)
  13. Tobacco and cannabis exposure during pregnancy in six race/ethnic subgroups in California
  14. Studying Mothers and their Children at Risk from In Utero Exposure to Grandmaternal Smoking
  15. Public Health Effects of Increased Prescribe Burns for Wildlife Management
  16. East Bay Diesel Exposures Project (EBDEP)
  17. Expanding California Biomonitoring Database through Statewide Surveillance and Targeted Population Studies
  18. California Region Exposure Study 3 (CARE-3)
  19. California Region Exposure Study 2 (CARE-2)
  20. California Region Exposure Study I (CARE-LA)
  21. California's Strategic Plan Implementation Grants for Asthma
  22. Environmental Health Symposium for Promotores and Community Health Workers
  23. Palos Verdes Shelf Fish Contamination Project
  24. San Francisco Bay Fish Project
  25. Improve Low Rates of Childhood Lead Screening Amongst Health Care Providers
  26. Effectiveness of a Large Prenatal Tobacco Reduction Program
  27. California's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program