Climate Change

Global climate disruption is one of the most serious threats facing us today.  Changes in global and regional climates are a growing threat to public health, affecting the range and seasonality of infectious diseases, disturbing food-producing ecosystems, and increasing the frequency of extreme weather events.  Without careful planning and action, climate-related events will produce consequences that exceed the capacity of societies to manage and adapt.

These changes have both human health and global security implications. Governing bodies around the world are responding with policies designed to reduce contributions to climate change, mitigate present-day hazards, and address climate-related problems that could impact future generations. The Sequoia Foundation has worked internationally to study the health and social impacts of climate change. Sequoia has collaborateded intensively with the Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, California Department of Public Health, and other agencies to document the social impacts of climate change, monitor environmental affects, and help agencies development effective policies.