China-California: Environmental Health Training Program

Project Timeline: 9/29/2001-2/29/2013

This innovative, long-term, government-to-government, applied training program between the California Department of Public Health and Shanghai Centers for Disease Control collaborative is organized to train two to four mid-career agency health scientists each year in advanced epidemiological methodology/practice and environmental health laboratory research. The training program is designed to foster the development of environmental health research strategies, building on existing strengths of the Chinese environmental health community, that address the most profound environmental health issues -- strategies that are best suited to regional and national needs. The China-California Environmental Training Program focuses on several key activities in order to foster the development of environmental health research strategies; to provide real-world exposures to community health issues; to participate in interactive discussions on environmental health issues; and to develop professional relationships in order to collaborate on projects of mutual interest. The training module for this group was similar to our previous trainees such as taking classes from University of California at Berkeley, School of Public Health; attending conferences, seminars, and workshops etc; and visiting other public health related research institutes and government agencies within the United States.