Public Health Informatics

Designing, developing, and supporting comprehensive public and environmental health information systems within health programs has been a key focus of the Sequoia Foundation  since its inception. Our contributions to the evolving field of public health informatics has resulted in the implementation of robust case management and surveillance systems within national, state, and local public programs. Sequoia has over 15 years in directing the collection, storage, dissemination, and evaluation of state-wide laboratory results, environmental samples, and chemicals in consumer products for surveillance, biosurveillance, research, and care management purposes. We have been successful in these efforts by partnering with key stakeholders, following comprehensive project management processes, developing innovative and cost-effective solutions, and providing leadership, expertise, and support through highly qualified staff. Sequoia's expertise in public health informatics include systems integration and design, project management, data modelling, application development and maintenance, privacy and data security, GIS, and business intelligence.