Climate Change and Public Health Projects

Changes in the world’s climate are currently affecting the health and well being of individuals and their communities, and will result in even greater impacts in the future. As we continue to learn about the impacts of climate change, there is a growing urgency among health organizations to prepare for potential health risks. These risks include increasing deaths and illnesses from heat stress, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, allergens, and infectious diseases.  Climate change also brings risks of social disruption, mental and emotional stress, and the destruction of indigenous cultural practices.  Children, elderly, and those living in poverty are the most vulnerable to these risks; tribal cultures are also deeply impacted by these events.

Sequoia works with a variety of international, federal, tribal, state, local, and community groups to develop strategies and programs to confront the health implications of climate change. Focusing on the complex human dimension of climate change, our projects encompass the social and political factors that influence policy and planning.