Designing a Next Generation Science Standards Ready Air Quality Science High School Curriculum (Phase I and II)

Project Timeline: 3/1/17 through 6/30/16

Sequoia Foundation, in partnership with, the San Leandro and Oakland Unified School Districts, developed a Project-Based Learning air quality curriculum that supports NGSS and includes current science on air monitoring, climate change, health impacts, and air quality mitigation strategies. Over a two-phased program, the project delivered four high school air quality lesson plans. The program integrated a hands-on approach in which students collected and analyzed local air quality data using stationary CanSats, devices that use consumer-grade sensors to measure atmospheric temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, as well as gasses and particulates. Students compared the data with publicly available BAAQMD data, assess human environmental impacts, and learned about sources of pollution and associated health effects. The students also participated in a CanSat balloon launch coordinated by

Community engagement activities for the Program began with identifying and meeting with key stakeholders (school staff, families, San Leandro Unified School District teachers/science advisors, and BAAQMD experts to inform curriculum development priorities and plan student-led community events. The two-year project closed out with a student-assisted expo where students set up booths activities to share their projects. The expo was attended by local officials, SLUSD staff, public health experts, and members of the community.