Outcome Prediction in Children with Positive California Cystic Fibrosis Newborn Screening

Project Timeline: 11/26/2012 - 6/30/2013

Children's Hospital Los Angeles, University of Southern California (CHLA/USC) and the Genetic Disease Screening Program - California Department of Public Health were the two main sites for this project. The project involved extracting raw data from the California Public Health Department Genetic Disease Screening Program database, and submitting to CHLA/USC. Project activities included the following:
1) identify study population and consult the study design,
2) work with cystic fibrosis centers to fill data gaps and errors,
3) Extract and recode data from Screening Information System (California State database) service reports and annual patient summaries,
4) create anonymous data sets for analysis by CHLA/USC,
5) consult on proper use of data and methods, and
6) consult on interpretation of results and assist with manuscript preparation.