Preterm Markers Study-2009/10

Project Timeline: 3/12/2009-9/30/2010

Sequoia Foundation partnered with the California Department of Public Health, Genetic Disease Screening Program to conduct a population-based control study to examine the maternal and infant genetic contributions to preterm birth. Specifically, Sequoia Foundation pilot tested a MS-Access database developed by the CDC designed for this project; data entered over 1,000 medical records and linked this data with birth certificates, laboratory data, and prenatal and newborn screening records; developed the data dictionary to accompany this dataset; developed the master dataset; and sent the final de-identified dataset to the CDC. Results from the study would allow a comparative assessment of the contribution of both maternal and fetal genotypes in a single study, and would also assess potential maternal and/or infant gene-gene interactions (maternal-maternal, infant-infant, maternal-infant) and potential maternal and/or infant gene-environment interactions that modify the risk of preterm birth.