Mission Statement

The Sequoia Foundation is dedicated to research, public policy interventions, and the application of solutions that address the environmental, occupational, demographic, and genetic factors that adversely or beneficially affect human health. We also support actions that hasten the transformation of the power supply to renewable energy sources.

Applied Public Health Research, Education, and Engagement

The Sequoia Foundation works with public agencies in the United States and abroad to protect human health and the environment, providing specialists for short- and medium-term projects in public health research, education, policy development, and community engagement.

The Sequoia Foundation employs a diverse, multi-disciplinary team of health professionals who are experts in the fields of public health and social and behavioral sciences, and who are trained to respond quickly to a range of health issues.

Since our inception in 1983, the Sequoia Foundation has conducted a broad array of environmental epidemiology and public health research projects from Superfund Sites to climate change research.  We specialize in working with underserved and indigenous populations to ensure that all people are able to participate in decisions to protect their health and environment.

We are a California, non-profit organization.